We have developed hundreds of designed for purpose applications.

A well designed application will give your business that critical edge in today's ultra competitive market, it can solve problems that no off-the-shelf package can, providing an optimum solution since it is designed for a specific company and a specific need.

Legacy Application Conversion:

Consider the benefit of a modern and faster version for your now ailing generic Database encompassed in a new bespoke application.

Applications can now run be on the Desktop, Web Browser and Mobile Devices, sharing data with appropriate permissions wherever you see fit.



A Web based interactive 3D Rack Cabinet Product Configurator, providing a complete online quotation system.

marvair quotation

Marvair Quotation

An online web based quotation system, with an external application which synchronizes data with travelling sales people.

Kitchen Planner 3D

Online 3D Kitchen Planner

An interactive real-time 3D Kitchen Planning system, providing full 3D preview, project storing and photo-realistic rendering.

Professional & Competitive

ClickForBusiness can develop any application; we have developed large scale distributed database applications to small desktop utilities.

Normally, at the heart of any application is its database, which can be stored locally or in the Cloud (flexible web storage) or perhaps in both places for what is called smart client computing:- so that sales people away from the office and the internet can still work on their Notebook's, and when they reconnect to the internet the data will be synchronized between their work and the web server.

A major consideration for all of this is cost, we are very competitive because of our experience and existing core code ready to be customized for your use.

We can be Flexible to Change & Grow with You: Responding to change is the key to business success. No organisation remains the same over time in terms of their process and work-flows. We can create Bespoke Software in a way that can be easily changed and adapted over time, allowing you to focus on developing your Business, with the peace of mind that your infrastructure can be adapted to work with your new methods.

If you have a project you wish to discuss, please Contact us.